The print everyone is wearing

Leopard print was named Vogue’s must powerful trend in the Fall, but this print is one that is here to stay throughout winter. The likes of Nicole Richie and Alexa Chung have both been spotted rocking this print. Leopard print can be the centre of an outfit, with a leopard print fur coat or it can give a subtle edge to your outfit with some leopard print shoes, however you wear it this print makes you instantly look on trend.

Leopard print coats are timeless pieces that look amazing on any age. These coats can be an investment as they will never go out of style. On the catwalk, the likes of Givenchy and Prada proved how classic a leopard print coat is.

On the high street, the chain Zara, has fully embraced the leopard print trend. In shops at the moment, Zara have everything from leopard print biker jackets to leopard print skirts, all at reasonable prices. Here are the pick of the best leopard print that Zara have to offer:

top left: dress, £49.99. top right: jacket, £59.99

bottom left: bag, £29.99. bottom right: mini skirt, £12.99.


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