The Milan Fashion Show that everyones talking about

With Milan Fashion Week over, there is one show that everyone is talking about. Gucci. The Gucci designer, Alessandro Michele set the bar extremely high for the rest of the designers on day one and no one else lived up to his show.

The theme for his new collection was “The Alchemist’s Garden: an anti-modern laboratory.”, where for the first time ever women’s and men’s design’s were showcased in one show. The looks put together for men and women screamed ‘geek chic’, with many models dressed in floral suits and sheer blouses with neck bows.

The look that stood out for me the most was the sheer long sleeveless green dress with the yellow flowers around the hem. This dress was made spectacular by the model being dress head to toe in a diamond encrusted full body suit, even covering the face. Social media went crazy for the breathtaking look.

It wasn’t just the new designs that made everyone rave about the show, it was the catwalk where the designs where showcased. The catwalk was in a plexiglassed tunnel which surrounded a pyramid. The setting was just as spectacular as the new designs.

Will anyone ever top this show?




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