Can you ever have enough printed tees?

My obsession recently is with printed tees, I just can’t stop buying them. Whenever I go into a shop and see a new tee with a new slogan and print, I instantly need it. Some people may find the t-shirts boring, because it is in turn just a simple tee. But hopefully after this you’re mind will change and realise there’s more to the tee than originally meets the eye.

Even if you don’t like printed tees, its hard to deny that these tees are taking over the fashion world. Gucci had led the tee trend, with their brand slogan tees and the fast fashion world has taken over this trend. For me, these tees have been a wardrobe savour. The tees are easy to style with most outfits and make you look effortlessly cool and stylish. I like to pair my tees with everything from jeans to leather pants to skirts and to trousers, dressing these all up or down depending on the accessories chosen with them.

To dress up a printed tee, I paired it with a red bodycon frill skirt and pair of black heeled boots. The tee was knotted just above the skirt to complete the look.


A more casual way of wearing a printed tee would be simply with jeans or a pair of trousers paired with trainers or flat boots.




The First Post…

I’ve done this several times before; signed up to a blog, had fun messy around with the themes and deciding a colour theme, sat there whilst trying to pull a blog post out of thin air. My old blog posts were short and little to do with the fashion I actually wear. I would pull pictures of the latest trends off google and add my own blurb before logging off and then doing the same about a month later.

Since starting my masters in International Fashion Business: Marketing Management, I decided to restart my blog from the beginning and this time try and do it for real. I understand how blogging and bloggers has become a marketing tool for fashion brands, and this has become a big interest of mine, so why not get first hand experience at blogging to allow me to understand this marketing tool more.

This time around I would like my blog to reflect myself more than it use and reflect what I like to wear, instead of just a generalised blog about the new fashion trends. Beauty is also a big interest of mine and I hope for my blog to reflect this too. So here’s too starting my blog.

Hope you enjoy it!