The dream white boots

Now that Spring is finally showing signs of beginning, I thought it was about time I refresh and brighten up my wardrobe and what better way to do so then with a pair of statement boots! I know what you’re thinking its a bit late in the year to be buying boots but these ones a the perfect Spring boots. But white boots are the perfect shoe to see you through the transitional period.

At first it did seem a little daunting wearing white boots considering I’m so use to black boots but I’m so glad I bought them. They’ll add something bold and unique to any outfit even if you are just wearing jeans and a printed tee. The boots I got were the Topshop ‘mighty’ ankle boot that have an amazing metal detail on the side and very comfy considering the heel.

When styling these boots I believe they’ll go with almost any outfit, if that were jeans, a skirt or a dress, they’ll give the outfit the edge. Considering they’re such a statement shoe, keep the outfit simple so all eyes are on the boot.


What I wore:

Shirt: Topshop

Jeans: River Island – Molly jeans

Leather jacket – Zara


The Jean Edit

Is anyone else soooo over skinny jeans or just me?? If you too are finding the same old, same old skinny jeans too boring then you’re not alone! Recently, fashion has seen a u-turn away from skinny jeans as brands are offering more and more daring and edgy cuts of jeans. I couldn’t wait to see what was on offer and finally stray from my trusty skinny black jeans.

My favourite pair that I have found so far are a light blue denim straight cut jeans from River Island. Nicknamed the ‘bella’ jeans, these fit a dream for me and we all know how hard it is to find a pair of jeans that fit perfectly! Being a straight cut jean, they are skinny round the waist and thighs and then straight on the lower half of your leg, which in my opinion look super cool and make a great alternative for skinny jeans. The bella jeans I own can be styled in soooo many way and I think thats why I love them, you can pair them with a printed tee and trainers or dress up with boots and a tight jumper tucked in.

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The Bella Jeans


Other jeans that I’m also loving at the moment are ‘Casey’ slim jeans from River Island and Topshop’s crop kick flare jeans in all colours, both of these are super flattering and can be styled in so many ways. Who needs skinny jeans now.

My dream fur coat

Last week I bought my first ever fur coat and it’s safe to say that I am fully in love with it. I know I’m late jumping on the fur coat trend, considering the trend of the coats comes around every winter, but in previous years I found it hard to invest in one that I truly loved. However, that all changed when I found this coat.

I found the coat thanks to one of my favourite instagram bloggers, India Moon. She posted a picture in the fur coat and I instantly knew I had to have it. I think the reason I fell in love with the coat so much is because of the colours within the fur. Its so different to the majority of the fur coats out their that are just block colours, I feel the mixture of the colours add character to the coat.

For styling the coat, I stuck to all black when wearing it: black leather leggings and a simple black printed tee. Wearing the coat will all black, makes the colours stand out more and brightens up what would be a boring outfit.

Honestly I’m so happy to have this coat in my life


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My favourite colour of the season

In the seasons of autumn and winter, most people think of dressing in dark colour palettes. Blacks and greys become most peoples staple colours of winter, however for me one colour was a must for my wardrobe…red. And yes my instagram has been filled with red outfits.

The colour was seen all over designer catwalks for A/W 17 and in turn is now all over the high-street stores. For the trend one can go all out with a full outfit of red or splash the colour into any outfit with a jumper, shoes or a bag. Adding a splash of colour to outfits is what I love to do with red items, I feel like adding to an all black outfit makes you stand out and gives the outfit more depth.

As Audrey Hepburn stated “there is a shade of red for every woman” and I believe this is true. Everyone should be wearing red in one way or another!

My favourite way to add the pop of colour is through jumpers. In winter I literally live in jumpers, so for me its a perfect way to add colour to any outfit.

On a recent to trip to Brussels, one of the outfits planned for my trip consisted of a red jumper, paired with leather leggings and studded boots. For me, knitwear and leather leggings are a perfect combination, it allows you to feel dressed up in just a simple over sized jumper.




Can you ever have enough printed tees?

My obsession recently is with printed tees, I just can’t stop buying them. Whenever I go into a shop and see a new tee with a new slogan and print, I instantly need it. Some people may find the t-shirts boring, because it is in turn just a simple tee. But hopefully after this you’re mind will change and realise there’s more to the tee than originally meets the eye.

Even if you don’t like printed tees, its hard to deny that these tees are taking over the fashion world. Gucci had led the tee trend, with their brand slogan tees and the fast fashion world has taken over this trend. For me, these tees have been a wardrobe savour. The tees are easy to style with most outfits and make you look effortlessly cool and stylish. I like to pair my tees with everything from jeans to leather pants to skirts and to trousers, dressing these all up or down depending on the accessories chosen with them.

To dress up a printed tee, I paired it with a red bodycon frill skirt and pair of black heeled boots. The tee was knotted just above the skirt to complete the look.


A more casual way of wearing a printed tee would be simply with jeans or a pair of trousers paired with trainers or flat boots.



The First Post…

I’ve done this several times before; signed up to a blog, had fun messy around with the themes and deciding a colour theme, sat there whilst trying to pull a blog post out of thin air. My old blog posts were short and little to do with the fashion I actually wear. I would pull pictures of the latest trends off google and add my own blurb before logging off and then doing the same about a month later.

Since starting my masters in International Fashion Business: Marketing Management, I decided to restart my blog from the beginning and this time try and do it for real. I understand how blogging and bloggers has become a marketing tool for fashion brands, and this has become a big interest of mine, so why not get first hand experience at blogging to allow me to understand this marketing tool more.

This time around I would like my blog to reflect myself more than it use and reflect what I like to wear, instead of just a generalised blog about the new fashion trends. Beauty is also a big interest of mine and I hope for my blog to reflect this too. So here’s too starting my blog.

Hope you enjoy it!